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Scandal on TV channel France 2 because of a bad joke about the Holocaust

31-year-old Comtesse Laura Laun, acting on TV channel France 2, was at the center of a scandal in connection with the failed joke, to insult, according to critics, the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

About it write on Monday, January 22, the French media and, in particular, the French version of The Huffington Post .

Laun, who became the winner of the competition similar to «America’s got talent» in 2017, I asked the students: do they know that combines sneakers and Jews? And itself has answered your question: they are most common between the 39th and 45th.

The joke is that the Holocaust in Europe began in 1939 and ended in 1945 with the death of six million Jews, and the most common sizes of sports shoes, from 39th to 45th.
The article notes that the newspaper critics reacted positively to this dubious remark, calling the artist «outstanding comic», and noting its popularity in France.

However, representatives of the Jewish community and, in particular, the lawyer Gilles-William Goldnadel, a former member of the Association of Jewish communities of France (CRIF), called it «appalling» and accused France 2 and French media in General double standards. They note that jokes that do not accept women, it is permissible against the Jews.

Goldnadel, recalls that the comedian Tex, whose real name Jean-Christophe Texier, was expelled from the same TV channel for a Reprise of domestic violence: «What can you say to the lady with the two black eyes? Nothing, someone already tried to explain something to her twice.»

Scandal on TV channel France 2 because of a bad joke about the Holocaust 23.01.2018

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