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Scarab of the Pharaoh, the conqueror of Canaan found in the field where fell the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Resident located in the Galilee village of Kfar Hitim Amity Haklay went with the kids for a walk to the neighboring Spurs of the horns of Hattin. Between the basalt stones, he noticed the Shine and pulled from the crevices of a small object resembling a scarab.

— Reconstruction of the battle of Hattin. Photo

Haklay decided that it might be the seal, which was used in Ancient Egypt. He contacted the antiquities authority, to test his hypothesis. The find was handed over to the curator, Department of Ancient Egypt of the Israel Museum Dr. Daphne Ben-tor.

«This is a sacred amulet depicting a scarab. It can be seen sitting on a throne of Thutmose III, which is the cartouche, in which the characters are written his name,» said Ben tor.

Pharaoh belonged to the Eighteenth dynasty and ruled in the fifteenth century BC in the new Kingdom Period. In the period of his reign, the Egyptian army conducted several successful military campaigns, conquered, including, and Canaan. Description these campaigns adorn the temple of Karnak.

The most famous of the battles that led his army, was the battle of Meggido in 1457 BC. Thutmose, after his army across mount Carmel, hit the flank of the army of the king of the city of Kadesh and broke it and gaining control of the North of the country.

Ben tor notes that amulets in the form of the sacred Egyptian scarabs are found in modern Israel often. This is evidence of the cultural and political influence of the New Kingdom on the surrounding area.

Note that the field at the spur of the horns of Hattin in 1187 was one of the key battles in world history. Army under the command of Salah ad-DIN destroyed the armies of the crusaders, foreshadowing the fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the return of Jerusalem under the Muslim rule.

Scarab of the Pharaoh, the conqueror of Canaan found in the field where fell the Kingdom of Jerusalem 02.02.2016

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