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Scientists: coffee increases physical endurance by 24%

International journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism published the analysis of the results of research conducted by scientists from the University of Georgia, which showed that the morning coffee can enhance physical endurance.

Examining the data of more than 600 scientific studies of the effect of coffee on various parameters of an organism, scientists came to the conclusion that the dose of caffeine of 3 to 7 mg per 1 kg of body weight improves physical endurance by 24%, while the amount of caffeine in a Cup of coffee can range from 75 mg to 150 mg, depending on variety and method of cooking beans.

Researchers believe that coffee is useful for athletes because it is a natural compound, and a Cup of coffee may do more good than taking pills with caffeine.

The authors note that it is necessary to conduct more research before giving official recommendations for athletes, and suggest that you carefully monitor the concentration of caffeine in the drink. Professional athletes are advised to consult on this with a sports dietitian because caffeine is included in a list of NCAA banned substances.

Scientists: coffee increases physical endurance by 24% 21.12.2015

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