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Scientists doubt the secret of longevity 104-year-old American: jar of Diet Coke a day

1 January turned 104 years Teresa Rowley, residing at Grand rapids (Michigan, USA). Soon after the birthday she shared with reporters the secret of his longevity.

Teresa surprised by the fact that he lived to such a venerable years, and that doesn’t feel his age, and the fact that «nothing happens». The secret of enviable health she sees that she daily drank at least a pot Diet Coke, the website

According to Rowley, every Wednesday she goes to the store for this drink with a bag with empty cans and re-buy «elixir».

Diet coke introduced in the US in 1982, when Rowley was 68 years old. Scientists do not believe that soda has prolonged her life for 36 years, since, according to their research, the drink, despite the low calories may cause obesity and diabetes as well as stroke and dementia, writes RIA Novosti news Agency.

However, Teresa Rowley is not the first lady so old age, considering that coke gives her the strength. In the spring of 2007, the Israeli long Esther Gani, celebrated then in a nursing home in Ramat Efile 100-year anniversary, also explained the secret of his longevity to the fact that throughout his life drank Coca-Cola. The grandson of Esther told me that, despite all attempts to convince her to drink water or other drinks, grandma did not agree to anything other than Coca-Cola. Ghani was born in 1907 in Egypt. In 1957 she immigrated to Israel. In Cairo Esther Gani was in charge of the biggest trading center and was the personal designer wife of king Farouk and his daughters. A fan of the fizzy drink was fluent in seven languages, to the last days had an excellent memory and remembers the history of Coca-Cola from the 20-ies of the last century.

However, the secrets of longevity are different and sometimes contradictory. For example, in 2011, the 103-year-old Gladys Gough from Coventry stated that he lives so long because I never was interested in sex and have lived their lives with little remain a virgin.

But another Briton, Henry William Allingham lived to 113 years and once defined the secret formula for his longevity: «Cigarettes, whiskey and wild women». Friends spoke of him as «the modest man». «Nonsense, this is just laughed off Henry, but they didn’t know me in my youth. Those who knew, long in the grave.»

Scientists doubt the secret of longevity 104-year-old American: jar of Diet Coke a day 08.01.2018

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