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Scientists have found differences between the brains of men and women

Israeli scientists from tel-Aviv University came to the conclusion that the structure of the brain in women and men there are no significant differences. Scientists emphasize that there are certain characteristics of the brain, inherent in one or another gender, but in General the brain of a man is not different from the brain of a woman, according to IDO Efrati in the newspaper «Haaretz».

According to the study, some physical differences peculiar to certain parts of the brain of one sex, are often present and with the opposite sex. The MRI test showed that only in 8% of cases these characteristics are present exclusively in women or in men. In all other cases, they are to varying degrees inherent in both sexes.

Scientists also examined psychological characteristics of both sexes – behavior, personality, character and so on. As in the case of the brain, it was discovered that there are certain differences between men and women, but only in the degree of psychological properties, and not in them. That is, not found a single person that possessed a statistically exclusively «male» or «female» qualities.

Among the psychological properties that were checked by researchers, was addicted to porn or talk shows, Golf, economy, depression.

Scientists have found differences between the brains of men and women 01.12.2015

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