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Scientists have found that sleep disturbances lead to depression

People who sleep less than eight hours day, often suffer from depression and anxiety, found researchers from the state University of new York at Binghamton. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the portal Eurekalert.

The researchers evaluated sleep duration in humans, to varying degrees, experiencing anxiety and called rumination, constant concentration on the negative thoughts. They were also shown images designed to evoke an emotional response, and then, the movements of the pupils, evaluated the reaction of the subjects.

It turned out that regular sleep disturbances cause people to have problems when you try to escape from negative information. According to scientists, it contributes to the development of mental disorders, in particular, the emergence of anxiety and depression.

Professor Meredith Coles, who participated in the study, noticed that people suffering from constant lack of sleep, «had no strength» to ignore negative thoughts. At the same time, people rested a full night, getting negative information, not «get hung up» on her, ignoring the dark thoughts.

Previously, scientists from the University of California found that lack of sleep leads to lower brain activity and may cause temporary memory loss and vision problems.

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Scientists have found that sleep disturbances lead to depression 06.01.2018

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