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Scientists have named 4 reasons to abandon Facebook so hard

Scientists from Cornell University, one of the largest and best-known US universities included in the ivy League elite, identified the challenges facing users of Facebook in attempts to renounce the use of social networks.

Many users at some point had decided to depart your profile from Facebook, promising himself never to return to this social network, but registered again just a week later.

In the new study had found four reasons why it is so difficult once and for all to delete your profile:

— Understanding of dependency. According to the findings, those who feel that Facebook causes addiction or a habit, are more likely to return to the social network. According to the description of one of the participants of the study, the first ten days, every time he opened the Internet browser, his fingers automatically typed «f'».

— Privacy and monitoring. Users who come to Facebook mostly to see how often others are interested in them, recover more accounts than those who fears that his actions in the network being monitored.

— Subjective mood. According to the researchers, if the user was in a good mood, it is unlikely that he will change his word to never return to Facebook.

— Other social network. If you have profiles in other social at network, like Twitter, it is less likely to restore the page in Facebook.

In addition, the researchers found that those who meditated on the role of technology in their social life, often restored profile. In many of these cases, users returned to Facebook, but reduced its use: for example, erased the app from the phone, delete friends, or limit time spent in the network.

The results of the study showed how complex can be the decisions concerning the daily use of social networks. In addition to fear of addiction, users have to put up with the collection, analysis and potential transformation into money of their personal information. On the other hand, according to the researchers, Facebook serves many important social functions, in some cases becoming the sole means of maintaining contact.

Scientists have named 4 reasons to abandon Facebook so hard 15.12.2015

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