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Scientists have proved that men are oriented in space better than women

An experiment conducted by the Norwegian neuroscientists have proven that men really are better guided in the space than women, more quickly and efficiently finding the way to the goal. This was reported in an article published in the journal Behavioral Brain Research.

«In ancient times men were hunters and women gatherers. Therefore, we speculated that our brains could have developed differently. For example, in the past, scientists have shown that women are better than men know how to find certain objects to the point where they are. Simply put, women are better at finding things in the house, and the men the house», – quotes RIA of «news» Karl PINTSCH of Scientific-technological University of Norway in Oslo.

The authors recruited a group of 36 volunteers, 18 men and 18 women and told them to pass the test of virtual reality glasses. During the «test» of this gadget, researchers monitored the brain activity of study participants using magnetic resonance imaging.

During each game round, the volunteers were allocated 30 seconds to search for a specific item in your city, the position of which could vary or stay the same. In some cases, issledovateli changed the position of the object, and a virtual «avatar» of the participants in the experiment that forced them to seek new ways to the subject, whose position remained the same.

As shown by these experiments, on average, men are 50% more likely to cope with this task than women. This confirmed the widespread belief that the phenomenon really exists at the biological level. In particular, men are more used the hippocampus – the memory center – at the solution of navigational tasks, and women – frontal cortex of the hemispheres.

Revealing these differences, PINTSCH and his colleagues tested whether they are related to hormones. After gathering another group of volunteers, this time entirely composed of women, researchers gave half of them drops with testosterone, which they took before the experiment.

To the disappointment of neurophysiologists, testosterone is not helped women to better cope with the above task, but the work of their brains has changed – they are more likely to use the hippocampus, and overall better memorize the structure of the maze.

Scientists have proved that men are oriented in space better than women 08.12.2015

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