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Scientists have set the maximum age of life for men and women

Dutch scientists, experts in the field of mathematical statistics, identified the maximum duration of human life, reports the website of Tilburg University. The publication notes that over the past 30 years, the average life expectancy has increased, but the maximum age of the oldest people on the planet have not changed. Thus it is concluded that the likely maximum duration of human life has been made.

When conducting a statistical study, the researchers examined data on 75 thousand Dutch citizens, who for the past 30 years, died aged 94 years. In the analysis of data used methods for extreme value theory.

The calculations showed that the maximum age for women amounts to 115,7 years, for men – 114,1 years. However, scientists stress that this assessment does not exclude the possibility that in extremely rare cases, people will live and a little over 120 years.

In the study report notes that in 2015 the number of people living to 95 years has tripled, compared to the 1986 survey.

The authors are reminded of the publication in the journal Nature for the year 2016, which spoke of the insights of American biologists, who claimed that, although the average human lifespan increased over the last two decades, the maximum life span has decreased. The Dutch insist that it is not so: the maximum life expectancy in recent decades not noticeably changed.

The theory of extreme values (Extreme Value Theory) is used in the risk prediction of emergency situations, including natural disasters, as well as in the world of Finance and insurance.

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Scientists have set the maximum age of life for men and women 02.09.2017

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