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Scientists: impatient women before age

A group of scientists from national University of Singapore found that the impatient young women age faster at the cellular level, the more patient the representative of the same sex. The Economic Times reports that this is the first study that links the process of decision making, which includes patience or impatience, with the aging of cells.

Scientists came to this conclusion having conducted the study among 1.158 healthy Chinese girls. To check their level of patience, the researchers used a well-known behavioral economic game in which the participant is invited to choose between receiving $ 100 in the next day or a larger amount, but much later.

Those participants who chose to receive the money immediately, were recorded in the less «patient» group.

It turned out that women are «impatient» group, the length of the telomeres of the cells was less than that of the patient. Recall that telomere shortens every time the cell is aging. The older the cell, and older person — the shorter the telomeres.

Interestingly, men were not found such correlations.

Scientists: impatient women before age 23.02.2016

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