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Scientists: modern cat was domesticated in Ancient Egypt 10,000 years ago

The results of studies conducted by Belgian archaeologists from the University of Leuven together with their colleagues from the Royal Institute of natural Sciences, suggests that the ancestors of modern domestic cats were native to Ancient Egypt and the Middle East, domesticated by humans around 10,000 years ago and then brought to Europe and other parts of the world.

About it writes on Tuesday, June 20, news portal ROOGD promoting news from the world of science.

These data were obtained by DNA analysis of bones, teeth, skin and fur, the remains of over 200 individuals of the species Felis silvestris, found in archaeological excavations in the middle East, Africa and Europe. The age of the remains – from 100 to 9,000 years, is said in this article.

Old cats mostly had the striped coloration, which is confirmed by the Egyptian frescoes. Spotted were rare even in the Medieval period.

Famous five subspecies of Felis silvestris, and judging by the structure of the skeleton, ancient cats did not differ from the modern one. Ancient farmers used this animal for rodent control, exterminate stocks of grain, and the sailors have taken cats on Board, to avoid the invasion of rats and cockroaches.

Thus the habitat of the cats expanded their remains are found today in southwestern Asia, Africa, Europe, and even in the Parking lots of the Vikings on the coast of the Baltic sea.

Scientists: modern cat was domesticated in Ancient Egypt 10,000 years ago 21.06.2017

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