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Scientists: there are five kinds of boredom, some of them deadly, in the literal sense

The results of research conducted by the universities of Kent and Southampton, show that a person is able to experience the boredom of five different types, some of which stimulate creativity, while others lead to obesity, impotence, self-destruction and death from a heart attack.

About it writes on Wednesday, 7 June, the British tabloid the Daily Mail, citing an article in a scholarly journal Psychological Research.

Curiously, most people prefer the boredom of discomfort, such as an electric shock.

In the framework of the experiments sixty-nine volunteers were placed in a lab environment, where nothing happened for 15 minutes at a time. But the volunteers were able to use laboratory equipment to receive electric shocks.

It was found that the extreme boredom felt by test subjects, the stronger their desire to experience pain, and the impact force is increased according to the force they are experiencing boredom.

In addition, the researchers found a link between feelings of boredom and the urge to smoke, use drugs and eat unhealthy foods high in sugar and carbohydrates.

German psychologists have discovered that boredom negatively influences the potency of men – those who are inclined to entertainment, showed less interest in sexual life, suffering erectile dysfunction, and more often died from a heart attack.

Scientists also found that chronic boredom leads to negative consequences, and the short provides the opportunity to develop internal resources.

Scientists: there are five kinds of boredom, some of them deadly, in the literal sense 07.06.2017

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