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Scot has taught dog Nazi salute – just to annoy a friend

29-year-old mark Michel, a resident of the Scottish town of Coatbridge, who taught the dog his girlfriend Nazi greeting, appeared last week before a court on charges of committing crimes of hate.

Pug named Buddha responded by a show of hands on the words «Heil Hitler» and «Jews to the gas chamber», wrote on Tuesday, August 1, edition of the Daily Record.

The video, which was captured this distinctive well-behaved dog, Michan posted in September of last year on YouTube, and during that time he has collected more than 2.8 million views. In the course of the hearing, the defendant explained that in this way he teased his friend.

«She go on and on about the fact that her dog is the most adorable dog on earth and I decided to turn it into something less cute – Nazi», – leads edition of the words Micana.

Later he published on the same site apologize, saying that this joke does not reflect his political views. Michel explained that he is not a racist and in General not interested in politics: «I’m sorry I insulted this roller the Jewish community – I didn’t mean to».

Scot has taught dog Nazi salute – just to annoy a friend 01.08.2017

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