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Search for missing in Israel, police data for 2016-2017

According to the Israel police, in 2016, has been declared wanted by 652 people, the loss reported by relatives or friends. 651 missing was discovered. Continue search for single adult men.

From the beginning of 2017 on the wanted list was announced at around 260 people, two of whom (both adults) are still missing, reports the newspaper «Maariv».

Note that according to data released by the Knesset in February 2014, since the establishment of the state of Israel, listed as missing about 500 people.

Editorial regularly publishes reports of missing persons. In recent years, we began to receive from the police that information more quickly, as a rule, we notify about the successful detection of citizens, previously declared wanted.

In Israel, every year we publish hundreds of messages about people wanted. The vast majority of cases, their fate becomes known within the first day.

Two years ago editorial was addressed in a press-service of the investigation Department of the police with the following list of questions to clarify the situation with the missing citizens of Israel: «1) How many of the 500 people who are unaccounted for may today to be under 100 years? 2) does the statistics of missing soldiers? 3) What is among the missing percentage of Jews, Arabs and other national minorities? 4) How many people are missing from the list are at present in active search? 5) How many missing minors? 6) Can we say that for the last 15 years, the disappearances became more frequent? 7) What is the number of missing citizens of Israel are immigrants from the former Soviet Union?»

In the end we received from the press service of the investigation Department of the police the following response, which we have been asked to quote verbatim: «We do not provide the demographic data you request, but I can say that the growth in the number of complaints about the disappearance of people is not observed. The Israeli police believes the missing of paramount importance. All police officers who are engaged in the search for the missing, you know that every kind of person is the family, friends and loved ones, and treat this with full responsibility. There are clear rules and regulations regarding the work of all employees. In recent years, the database of missing persons was computerized, and the families of the missing people were taken DNA samples. Israel police considers the search for the missing and identify the unknown the most important task, entrusts this work to their best employees and applies in the investigation of such cases of the latest technology. When in a particular case new information arises, the police immediately uses it to search for the missing».

The evaluation edition, over the last two years, the work of the police Department of the missing persons and the interaction of this Department with the media has improved considerably.

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Search for missing in Israel, police data for 2016-2017 07.06.2017

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