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Second channel: Netanyahu has offered to transfer the autonomy of Wadi Ara and to Annex gush Etzion

On Thursday evening, July 27, a political commentator Second channel of the Amit Segal reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed with representatives of US President Donald trump the possibility of the annexation of the Jewish settlements gush Etzion hosts in exchange for the transfer to the Palestinian authority Wadi Ara.

According to published information, July 27, the proposal was discussed by the Prime Minister with the special representative of the President of the United States in the region Jason Grinblatt and Advisor to the President of the trump Jared Kushner.
The reaction of the American side on these proposals will not be published.

Note that the proposal to transfer certain Arab towns to the Palestinian authority in exchange for the annexation of parts of Judea and Samaria is the main point of the foreign policy platform of Avigdor Lieberman’s party «Israel Our home». However, the first time such a proposal comes from the Prime Minister.

Note that the address of the Netanyahu there has been a lot of criticism due to his actions during the crisis over the Temple mount. According to the survey, conducted by the Second channel ITV, 68% of Israelis evaluate the activities of the Prime Minister negatively, while 77% said that the decision to remove the detectors capitalista.

In an attempt to counter criticism that it sounds mostly from the right, Netanyahu in recent days has launched a number of initiatives that would give him the sympathy of supporters. So he ordered not to evacuate the settlers who penetrated into the house «Beit Machpelah» in Hebron, said that he intends to seek closure of the office of the TV channel «al Jazeera» in Israel, expressed support for the death penalty for a terrorist who killed three family member Salomon in the settlement Halamish. It is possible that the proposal to «exchange» Wadi AGC on gush Etzion is another propaganda step. The chances of implementation are slim.

Second channel: Netanyahu has offered to transfer the autonomy of Wadi Ara and to Annex gush Etzion 27.07.2017

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