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Security officials and diplomats of the Russian Federation held consultations on security in Israel

Wednesday, January 31, in Jerusalem on a working visit for consultations on security issues arrived the delegation of the Russian security officials and diplomats, headed by Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

The delegation comprises Deputy foreign Minister of Russia, Deputy Minister of defence, Deputy Minister of justice, senior officers of the Russian army and intelligence. The nominal composition of the delegation was not published official sources. The foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry do not give any information about this visit. There is no information on the official website of the Russian security Council, while Patrushev’s recent visit to Algeria that the Ministry was highlighted.

The office of the Prime Minister of Israel confirmed the visit, but details are not reported. The defense Ministry and the Israeli foreign Ministry has also not yet give any comments.

The host was the office of the head of the national security Council of Israel, Meir Ben-Shabbat, who met with Patrushev in Moscow in October 2017, shortly after a visit to Israel, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The current Patrushev’s visit to Jerusalem took place after regular negotiations in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

Consultations in Jerusalem was necessary for a detailed discussion of the issues raised at the talks between Putin and Netanyahu. It was, in particular, on the construction of Iran’s military bases in Syria and plants for the production of missiles in Lebanon. Apparently, while these Iranian projects are in the initial stages of implementation, but Israel is extremely concerned about the military expansion of Iran in the region and warns that the IDF could operate to destroy Iranian military installations near its borders.

After a visit to Moscow, Netanyahu wrote in Facebook: «I made it clear (Putin) that Israel will not accept any of these attempts and will act as needed». He also told reporters after a visit to Moscow that the Russian leadership understands Israel’s position on this issue and how badly the Israelis treat these threats.

ImageSat International has published in September of 2017, the satellite images, according to which one of the Iranian military factories under construction in Syria West of Masapa, near the places of deployment of Russian air defense system s-400. But in January 2018, the Minister of defence RF Sergei Shoigu said that two Russian s-400 cover only the Russian naval base in Tartus and air base in Hamima.

Recall that a week ago, permanent representative of Israel to the UN Danny Danon at the meeting of the security Council, released information to Israeli intelligence, which testify to the attempts of Iran to turn Syria into «the biggest military base in the world.» He said: «Today in Syria there are 82 thousand fighters, under the Iran, including 3 thousand members of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, 9 thousand militants «Hezbollah», 10 thousand members of the Shiite militias, recruited throughout the region, and also 60 thousands of local Syrian fighters.» According to the Ambassador of Israel, Iran is building bases for the placement of these fighters, as well as plants for the production of missiles, turning the local population around the plants to human shields. Danone recalled that since the signing of the «nuclear agreement» in 2015, Iran increases its military spending. In 2014, the army and weapons spent 17% of GDP, while in 2017 this figure has already reached 22%. Danny Danon stated that in the civil war in Syria, Israel does not support either party, but will do everything necessary to protect yourself.

Earlier, the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu at the world economic forum in Davos, talked about the «nuclear agreement» with Iran: «I believe that the current agreement is wrong, because it would allow Iran to have all the necessary for the production of nuclear weapons, including the possibility of enrichment of fissile material in large quantities. Today they can, at best, to enrich uranium to create a bomb. Under the agreement, as currently drafted, they will be able to enrich uranium for a hundred, two hundred bombs.» Netanyahu noted that it does not matter whether the agreement is canceled or corrected, the main thing – to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear Arsenal.

On January 30, the President of the United States Donald trump during his speech «state of the Union» (State of the Union), asked Congress to study the «fundamental weaknesses of a terrifying nuclear deal with Iran.»

Israeli media reported that in Moscow, Netanyahu, among other things, talked with Putin about the consequences of the «nuclear agreement» with Iran and the possibility of its amendment or repeal.

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Security officials and diplomats of the Russian Federation held consultations on security in Israel 01.02.2018

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