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Selection honors: boys in tech, girls in medicine and science

Data «the Research center Taub», published by the newspaper The Marker, indicate significant difference from actual data taken root in the Jewish community stereotypes about the career choices made by students.

According to the data analysis on the choice of the faculties of Israeli students who received on the psychometric exam scores of 740 and above, medicine is no longer the first choice among the Jewish people.

24% of young men choose engineering applied specialty, 21% with natural Sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) and only 16% make a choice in favor of medicine. Another 14% are studying computer science and mathematics. Thus, 59% of the Jewish students make a choice in favor of professions, opening the way to high-tech.

Among the Jewish girls, the situation is different. 27% of the student go into medicine, has long ceased to be considered exclusively «male» profession. Another 22% make a choice in favor of natural Sciences. But with computers, mathematics, and engineering disciplines, the stereotype still works. Only 12% of student is ready to do engineering and only 7% are on computer science.

In the Arab sector, the picture is radically different data from the Jewish sector. The medical profession exceptionally prestigious in the Arab society and, accordingly, medicine is the first choice of achievers male (39%) and the second is from a student (34%).

Arab girls by a small margin in the lead of the natural Sciences (38%), but on engineering and computer specialties are only 8% and 4% respectively of the student.

The Arab boys in second and third places are occupied by natural science (20%) and engineering (19%). Computer specialties here are a choice few (12%).

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Selection honors: boys in tech, girls in medicine and science 20.03.2018

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