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Seminar in tel Aviv: how to buy profitable real estate in Bulgaria

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The global world is changing a lot of things. Is no surprise the purchase of an apartment or home in another country. Some profitable invest money, others want to have a second holiday home, and someone about it makes you think the lack of prospects to buy a home in the country.

Of course, each country has its own characteristics. If you ask people who have visited Bulgaria, to characterize this country in a few words, the more often you will hear that Bulgaria is cheap, comfortable and safe country. And an ideal variant on a ratio the price — quality.

Of course, Bulgaria is not in Western Europe, but Western Europe is not Bulgaria. In Bulgaria you can’t shake the feeling of security, which, alas, are deprived of the guests and the inhabitants of many European countries, crowded with refugees.

The climate in Bulgaria is unique. Mild winters and Sunny summers make this country an attractive place for relaxation and permanent residence. Seaside resorts, mountain-skiing tourism, pastoral countryside – everyone can choose to your taste.

Bulgaria provides ideal conditions for life. Good environment, quality food, European standards, decent medicine, low crime rate and calm the political situation — all this makes Bulgaria an attractive place for permanent residence.

Residents of Bulgaria are distinguished by the openness, friendliness and hospitality. Maybe Bulgaria is not as refined as classic Europe, but this is more than kompensiruet special hospitality and cordiality. In addition, the Bulgarian language is close to Russian, which allows you to easily communicate with locals, many of whom understand and speak Russian.

The price is another important argument in favor of Bulgaria. To date, Bulgaria is the most inexpensive of the civilized countries. A simple mechanism for obtaining a residence permit makes it even more attractive.

April 21, Friday, at 11 o’clock in the morning in tel Aviv, hotel Deborah held a seminar, which is organized by the Bulgarian company-Builder. You will learn how to buy profitable real estate in Bulgaria, without intermediaries, will be able to ask your questions and get satisfactory answers. The seminar is free but places are limited, so organizers ask participants to pre-register.

To register for the seminar by phone 054-4757126 or by reference.

Workshop participants will receive a special price proposals due to the lack of a link of intermediaries. Among those who come to the seminar, will be awarded the prize of «7-day stay in Bulgaria.»

Seminar in tel Aviv: how to buy profitable real estate in Bulgaria 16.04.2017

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