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Sep Israel warns parents about the dangers of the game of suicide, «Blue whale»

The Ministry of education has published official recommendations for parents to identify children attending that supposedly existed in the social networking game «Blue whale», which leads to suicide.

The recommendations were published after the last week in parent groups in WhatsApp and social networks appeared unofficial information about the occurrence of this phenomenon in Israel.

Under the «games» that emerged in the post-Soviet space, the person must within 50 days to perform various tasks, and then commit suicide. The participants in the game is strong psychological pressure.

To identify adolescents who may participate in the game of suicide, the Ministry recommends that parents pay attention to the following danger signs:

— Significant changes in behavior
— Isolation and alienation
— Refusal to talk
Too early rise in the morning
— Night walks
— Excessive viewing of horror movies
— Inflicting self-injuries, including a cut on the hand signs F57, F58 or 420
— Cut image of a whale on the hand or the word «Yes» on the leg
— The use of the phrase «I am a whale» in social networks.

The Ministry stressed that the game can take part of normative adolescents who were not at risk.

Parents who discovered that their child takes part in «Blue whale», the specialists of the Ministry recommended to refrain from punishment, anger and reading notations, and seek professional help, including psychological consultant for school psychological service in the municipality, the organization of the «Eran» (emergency psychological assistance), etc,

It is also recommended to talk with your child to find out all the facts about the duration of its participation and the degree of involvement in the game, to listen carefully to the child, make clear to him his parents by his side and help him to cope with the problem, to tell about the phenomenon, and that Israel police is investigating about this «game», and that the child may not be afraid of the consequences of termination of participation.

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Sep Israel warns parents about the dangers of the game of suicide, «Blue whale» 06.07.2017

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