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Separatists seized Aden, the Yemeni government fled

Reports from Yemen to reports, supported by the international community, the government is preparing to leave the country after the separatists established control over the temporary capital – Adenomas.

Supporters of the so-called «southern transitional Council» started a rebellion, when President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi refused to send in resignation the government, which the separatists blamed for a humanitarian disaster.

Until recently, the «southern transitional Council» had the support of the United Arab Emirates. However, the UAE supported the call of the Sunni coalition to stop the armed confrontation and to act jointly against Sunnis.

The coalition has also said it will continue to supply humanitarian aid to Yemen, despite the unrest in Aden. It is unclear whether this is still the statement stands. Several Western humanitarian organizations announced the termination of assistance.

According to the red cross, the victims of three days of fighting in Aden were at least 36 people. The number of wounded is approaching two hundred.

Separatists seized Aden, the Yemeni government fled 30.01.2018

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