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«Shalom-Moscow» and «Neklis Bank» will issue the Russian pension without departure from Israel

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Under the new program, the Information-consulting center «Shalom — Moscow» and the Russian Bank «Neklis Bank» Israeli citizens will be able to they are entitled to Russian pensions without leaving the country.

According to the consular information portal CD the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, from 1 January 2015. entered into force the decree of the Russian government No. 1386 «About the order of payment of pensions to persons leaving (who left) for permanent residence outside the territory of the Russian Federation». The specified normative act establishes new procedures for the registration of pensions for citizens residing abroad. According to the decree, the Pension Fund of Russia do not make pension payments to overseas Bank accounts to individuals, pension which was designated after 1 January 2015.

In this case p. No. 4 of the aforementioned Ordinance States that «appointed before 1 January 2015, pension, payment of which is effected by transfer outside the Russian Federation shall be paid in the same order.»

Accordingly, the new procedure does not apply to citizens who apply for Russian pension before 1 January 2015.

In other words, from 1 January 2015, citizens living outside the Russian Federation, can receive a pension in rubles to the Bank account only on the territory of the Russian Federation. To receive a pension, you must issue a power of attorney on third parties or on their own to go to Russia. Before leaving abroad, the person is obliged to notify the Pension Fund about their plans to leave the country.

Every year he must submit a certificate stating that he is alive and in need of state support. In 2016, the procedure was complicated by a new document required for indexing cash transfers – a certificate of absence of employment.

In order to help Israeli pensioners to avoid these problems, Israel was created is information-consultation centre «Shalom-Moscow» which during the year held talks with Russian banks about the possibility of the receipt by Israeli citizens of Russian pensions without leaving the country.

Currently, an agreement was reached with the Russian «Neklis Bank», which is ready to open Israeli pensioners account for listing them on the Russian pension. In order that pensioners can get their money in the currency of the country where they currently reside, «Neklis Bank» provides international debit plastic card with which a pensioner can not only withdraw money from the account, but also to pay for purchases.

«Neklis-Bank» was founded in 1991 received a General license of the Central Bank of Russia for banking operations № 1671 from 18.09.2012.

The Bank entered into an agreement for the delivery of pensions and is on the official list of the financial institutions collaborating with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. He has a reputation as a stable and reliable Bank with a high level of service.

Currently, «Neklis Bank» in talks with VISA about the possibility of issuing plastic cards. Also, soon, will begin production of maps of the WORLD – Russian payment system.

A joint program of the center «Shalom-Moscow» and the Russian Bank «Neklis Bank» is carried out in collaboration and with the support of Russian and Israeli lawyers.

Center «Shalom-Moscow» offers a new exclusive service for the pension of the Russian Federation, which includes:

a pension in the Russian Federation;

opening accounts in Russian «Neklis Bank» – registration and reception in the Russian «Neklis Bank» international debit plastic card MasterCard, with which you can manage your money anywhere in the world in the currency of the host country.

«Shalom-Moscow» also provides additional services:
assistance in requesting and obtaining certificates from the archives;
consultation and collection of documents for opening accounts in Russian banks;
notarization of documents, drafting of powers of attorney.

Russian «Neklis Bank and Shalom-Moscow» guarantee the safety of customer funds and speed of administrative procedures.


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«Shalom-Moscow» and «Neklis Bank» will issue the Russian pension without departure from Israel

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