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Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah made new threats against Israel

Belonging to a terrorist group «Hezbollah» channel «al-Manar» to the 11 th anniversary of the end of the Lebanon war, the broadcast speech of the Secretary General of the Shiite group Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

In his speech, Hassan Nasrallah traditionally talked about strengthening the military power of the group since the end of the last confrontation, a military confrontation with Israel, as well as new threats.

Nasrallah in his speech claimed that the Second Lebanon war power «Hezbollah» has increased 100-fold, and Israel has concluded that a war with Hizbullah is not worth sacrificing for, and prefers to avoid new collisions.

The Secretary General of the «Party of Allah» claimed that Israel closes the vault with ammonia in Haifa of «respect for Hezbollah. He added: «Now the task is to move the Israeli nuclear reactor of Dimona, as it is even more dangerous».

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah made new threats against Israel 14.08.2017

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