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Sheikh Nasrallah: «My nuclear weapon is the storage of ammonia in Haifa»

Tuesday, February 16, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, spoke at the annual ceremony of remembrance for fallen soldiers of «Hezbollah» and «Palestinian resistance». The ceremony took place in the southern suburb of Beirut. The leader of the «Party of Allah» was broadcast on installed on the square screens.

In his speech, Sheikh Nasrallah said that during the next military confrontation with Israel for the purpose of attack will be the storage of ammonia in the Haifa Bay, which will lead to catastrophic consequences for Israel.

Radio station «Sieves Beth» said that the leader of Hezbollah was quoted by the Israeli experts who had previously stated that the hit by a missile in storage with 15 thousand tons of ammonia may lead to death of hundreds of Israelis. It is the Israeli experts have previously called the vault «the atomic bomb». Sheikh Nasrallah said that now every missile that falls on the vault with ammonia will result in consequences comparable to the effects of the atomic bomb.

The website Ynet reported that the municipality of Haifa thanked Hassan Nasrallah, because he returned to the agenda the issue of transfer of storage of the ammonia from Haifa Bay to a safer place.

Sheikh Nasrallah: «My nuclear weapon is the storage of ammonia in Haifa» 17.02.2016

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