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Shevchuk appealed to the Chechen Minister: «Novaya Gazeta» fighting for constitutional rights»

Musician and poet Yuri Shevchuk appealed to the Minister of Chechnya on national policy, external relations, press and information Dzhambulat Umarov about threats in the address of the editorial office of «Novaya Gazeta».

The appeal was published on Sunday, April 16, on the website of radio station «Echo of Moscow».

Shevchuk is convinced that «the New newspaper» fighting for the constitutional rights of citizens, «whoever they were, and in what regions these rights are not violated».
«If you do not agree with the last New publications, conduct an investigation, and if the facts are confirmed, apply to the court. By the way, it always tells us and Vladimir Putin» – it is told in the message of the musician.

He noted that the media needs to point out the flaws and help «build a brighter, enlightened, kind and strong Russia».

Recall that on 1 April, the Russian «Novaya Gazeta», citing its own sources reported the detention, torture and «honor murders» residents of Chechnya, suspected sexual orientation.

Three days later in the Central mosque of Grozny held an emergency meeting of representatives of Islamic clergy, where Adam Shahidov, the counselor of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has publicly accused the team of «the New newspaper» slander and called them «enemies of our faith and our homeland.» Shahidov’s speech and other speakers, was broadcast on local TV and are widely dispersed on the Internet.

The results of this meeting a resolution was adopted, one of the points of which reads: «Due to the fact that the insult to the age-old foundations of the Chechen society and the dignity of Chechen men, and our faith, we promise that retribution will overtake the true instigators, wherever and whoever they were, without a limitation period».

According to journalists of «Novaya Gazeta», as well as their colleagues from the «media zones», «Lentech», TV-2, «Rain», «RBC», The Moscow Times and other Russian and Russian media, the resolution provokes Chechen fanatics and encourages them to violence against journalists.

The Chechen mufti Salah mezhiyev stated that authors of publications about the persecution of gays in Chechnya will reach the «retribution of Allah.» The mufti called journalists «who stood on the side of devils, discrediting the Chechen people in the face of the clergy of the Chechen Republic».

The results of investigation of «Novaya Gazeta» and the ensuing new publications, including in the Western media, show that in the two Chechen settlements (the town of Argun and the village of Tsotsi-Yurt), there are secret prisons, which in December 2017, the Chechen authorities have begun to put homosexuals. According to sources, «New», in the last six months have been detained at least 100 people. Known the names of the three victims, but sources in the official bodies of Chechnya and local LGBT activists say that the victims much more.

3 April, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian law enforcement agencies to check the information about the persecution against persons with different sexual orientation in Chechnya.

On 8 April the chief editor of «Novaya Gazeta» Dmitry Muratov officially appealed to Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika with a demand to compel the Russian Investigative Committee to start an investigation given New facts.

April 11, the lawyer of the international human rights organization «Agora» Andrey Sabinin filed a complaint with the Basmanny court of Moscow with the requirement to recognize the inaction of Chairman SK the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin illegal.

Shevchuk appealed to the Chechen Minister: «Novaya Gazeta» fighting for constitutional rights» 16.04.2017

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