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Signed a plan for the development of Ashdod for the construction of 36,000 apartments

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, Minister of construction, Yoav GALANT, head of the Land office of Israel, Adiel Shimron and the mayor of Ashdod Icial Lasri signed on Sunday, August 13, the General plan for the development of Ashdod («ASKEM gag» or «umbrella agreement»), providing for the construction of more than 36 thousand housing units and over a million square meters of commercial, industrial and retail space, as well as a significant financial investment in the development of Ashdod. The ceremony was held in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In accordance with the agreement, the Land office until the end of 2017 will sell to developers of land in the national Park area of Lachish for the construction of about 3,000 housing units from 36.789 under the agreement. In addition, they will build 9,000 housing units in the so-called «standard Shebesa», which allows to increase the density by 20% -30%. We are talking about a very substantial number of new houses, especially when you consider that many years in Ashdod was not sold the plots.

The agreement also includes the development of infrastructure, construction of new roads, interchanges, expansion of the public transport system, improvement of the drainage system of the city, the creation of parks and gardens and beautification of the coastal zone. In accordance with the planned population growth will be built 54 kindergartens, 14 clubs, 14 indoor sports halls and 14 of the grounds, 59 synagogues, mikvahs 7 and 6 libraries.

«Pay no attention to the threats and the criticism of the interested parties dissatisfied with the success of the program «the newcomer», — said the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon. — Already 27 thousand young families won their future apartment, and in the coming months will benefit all enrolled in the program as part of the first group – «Cider Aleph.» Let’s face it: today’s agreement on the development of Ashdod was born is not easy, everyone who could just stop — disturbed. But thanks to the hard work we have reached the goal».

Minister of construction Yoav GALANT spoke about the agreement read more: according to him, we are talking about a historic agreement in which for ten years the town filled up with more than 30 thousand new apartments, and in subsequent years their number will grow to 45 thousand. He also reported that the cost of the agreement is estimated at 6 billion shekels, and it is not forgotten such aspects as the development of the educational system of Ashdod, the expansion of the transport system and of course the creation of thousands of new jobs for future residents and for those who grew up in Ashdod and planning to create his own family.

The mayor of Ashdod Icial Lasry, in turn, said: «Ashdod, which celebrates 60 years since its inception, today signed an agreement to develop, which will lead the city to new heights. Young families will get housing, the old quarters of the city will be renovated and landscaped. Along with the hospital, the new port expansion project, the public transport system, academic campus, the center of high-tech enterprises, sports facilities and promenade with a line of hotels in just ten years our city will become one of the leading socio-economic and cultural centers of Israel.»

Signed a plan for the development of Ashdod for the construction of 36,000 apartments 13.08.2017

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