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Simplified procedure for obtaining «discount electricity» for men-single and married soldiers

Lone soldiers and married soldiers, the army receives from subsidies for the payment of rental housing included in the list of the 11 groups receive a discount for electricity (about 50% for the first 400 kW.h). However, as noted in the Ministry of defence, due to the complex bureaucratic procedures that soldiers must follow to obtain benefits, but also because of the specificity of this population, only about 35% of the soldiers in the end result receive their discount. For comparison, among all individuals eligible for this discount, approximately 75% eventually achieve it.

Today in the army are approximately 6.900 soldiers 1.400 single and married soldiers. Nearly half the soldiers-singles — are volunteers from abroad, the majority of whom live in temporary housing, removable for short periods of time, and during the service change address several times, and also live in places where it is not possible to obtain that they are entitled to a discount, such as kibbutzim, dormitories for soldiers, etc. in addition, the soldiers of renting an apartment but a room, are often unable to use the discount as the bill issued on his flatmates. To this should be added, that these soldiers, there are often problems with the Hebrew, and it is difficult for them to cope with bureaucratic obstacles.

Given all this, defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman addressed to the Minister of justice Ayelet shaked to make an exception for men-single and married soldiers who are eligible for this discount, and provide them with a monthly subsidy to pay the electricity bills. This appeal followed after the joint preparatory work undertaken by the head of staff of the IDF major General Moti by Almosa and Chairman of the Board of «Hevrat Hashmal» in the past the commander of land forces, major General reserve Jephthah Ron-tal.

According to the new procedure, each a lone soldier or a married soldier, entitled to a subsidy from the army for housing and rent, will receive from the army the monthly allowance for the payment of electricity bills (about 100-200 shekels a month depending on electricity consumption). In turn, the IDF would pass the «Hevrat Hashmal» lists of soldiers and to compensate the electric company provide a discount.

Simplified procedure for obtaining «discount electricity» for men-single and married soldiers 31.01.2018

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