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Social action center «OK»: summer course psychometrics for 1750 NIS

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Alexander Bronstein

Season «Barotov» came to an end, school is over, ahead of the army. Yesterday, the students let out a breath, finally can take a break from school. But it is not always the right choice. To enroll in Israeli universities, as we know, the results of the «bagrut» is not enough — you also need to pass the psychometrics. And this check is not so much knowledge of concrete objects, as the overall level of thinking. In fact, the results of this exam in the University to judge whether a prospective student to complete their chosen educational institution. Therefore, this test is not easier, but much harder than the exams in specific subjects and prepare for it it is necessary very seriously. Many of yesterday’s students would prefer to spend the summer before the army of the sea with friends. But not all parents agree with this plan. Children, of course, a pity. But by the end of the army much of what is taught in school will be forgotten, and sitting down again for textbooks is not so easy after a long break. So much more logical, however unfortunate, to spend the summer after high school to prepare for the test and pass it in September.

Schools for such a choice parents are ready — invite firms that offer preparation courses for the psychometrics. The cost of this course is considerably lower than in the same companies at any other time. Summer course at school, including about fifteen sessions will cost 1200-1600 shekels. Whereas the usual course is six thousand shekels. It seems the benefit is obvious, and many parents choose for their children the way of preparation for the difficult exam. But he has a minus — in the familiar company of classmates, the huge audience (often the number of students in such courses reaches forty people) really come to the classes not all. Of course, be in the know and those who do loves and wants. And, despite the discouraging atmosphere, its to learn and get a high score in the exam. But tired after a hard senior year children mostly dream to rest and not to sit again at the Desk. Therefore, the conditions of the courses of preparation for psychometrics for them to be comfortable and effective.

Typically, these conditions create courses prepare for psychometry, which, as we mentioned, there are around 6 thousand shekels.

This summer training centre «OK» conducting a social campaign for the upcoming September issue of the psychometric exam — summer course psychometrics for 1750 NIS.

The course did not change in the course cost includes 25 lessons for 4.5 hours (almost six hours), access to the educational portal «Okay» with training materials and video tutorials, 8 full simulations of the upcoming exam and full set of textbooks. It is important to understand — just a set of textbooks which can be purchased for self-study, will cost more than 1,750 shekels. The maximum number of students per class is 25 people, and classes are taught by professional teachers of educational centre «OK», which is preparing to psychometrics since 1996.

Classes are held mornings, from 9 to 13.30 three times a week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) at the head office of center, near the tel-Aviv University. The course is in Hebrew with Hebrew-speaking teachers — the September exam is only in Hebrew.

And finally — preparing for psychometric test task is very trivial. It is important not just to train future applicants to solve puzzles. It is important to teach them how to properly allocate time and effort during the exam, get your mind right before the test to prevent anxiety and nervousness. The teachers are «Okay» can teach the main point: the exam is not terrible, but the preparation for it — is not torture and not a dreary duty, and an interesting, albeit time-consuming process.

To register for the course on the center’s website, «Okay.» The number of places is limited. Enrollment ends on June 21.

Call for details 1-800-650-700.

Social action center «OK»: summer course psychometrics for 1750 NIS

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