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Social networks made fun of Americans that caused the IG to fight. Review of Russian media

«The greater Arab schism» is the title of an analytical article in the newspaper «Kommersant», where the commentator Maksim Yusin talks about the causes and consequences of diplomatic isolation of Qatar. What would the charges or put forward today, officials of the Arab world, the main cause of the break with Qatar — the geopolitical rivalry between the Emirate and Saudi Arabia. Exorbitant ambitions of Doha fueled by huge reserves of gas and most influential in the region, media — TV channel «al Jazeera».

For some time the government of the Emirate began to lead the middle East their game, not looking at Riyadh, building their own alliances and to create their own clients. The most serious friction between the two Persian Gulf monarchies occurred during the «Arab spring», when Doha supported the Egyptian «Muslim Brothers» and gives them to power of former President Mohamed Morsi, Saudi Arabia has relied on the military, which eventually carried out the coup that overthrew Morsi and put in charge of the country his representative, current President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.

What are the consequences of this demarche, the Arab world remains to be assessed. To the hostilities, despite the threatening statements, the case is unlikely to reach. Saudi army is bogged down in the Yemeni conflict, and it is hard to imagine that the US would consent to the use of force against its ally, which formally remains in Doha. But in some hot spots (primarily in Syria), where Qatar is sponsoring opposition groups, including radical, the situation could change considerably. It will be interesting to see what tactics you will choose Iran.

«The terrorists are voting with knives» – ‘ s called another article in the same edition, where we are talking about another terrorist attack in London. Less than two weeks after an explosion at a concert in Manchester, as the Islamic radicals left to the British authorities for a new challenge. The attack in London on Sunday night killed seven and injured 48 people. Three terrorists killed their victims with demonstrative brutality – in the beginning crushed a car on the bridge, and then cut a 30-inch hunting knives.

The resonance from the London massacre is enhanced by the fact that it happened in a matter of days before the early parliamentary elections on 8 June, a victory which the Prime Minister Theresa may is a fierce struggle with the opposition labour party. According to the results of Sunday’s meeting of the government’s emergency Committee, Mrs may said the need to change strategy against terrorism.

Stock market of Qatar fell by 8.21 percent amid rupture of diplomatic relations between several Arab countries in Doha. On 5 June, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» with reference to the Arab TV channel Sky News Arabia.

At the end of trading on Monday morning, the stock index of Qatar exchange’s QE All Share declined by 8.21 percent. Shares of Qatar national Bank fell by 10 percent. Thus, according to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Qatar, the breakup of a number of Arab countries, Doha «is an unjustified step».

The Qatari leader calls the current misunderstanding because, according to the Doha, the Emir’s speech in which he spoke out in support of relations with Shiite Iran and the «Muslim brotherhood», was posted online by hackers, and the leader of Qatar, nothing to it has not. However, other Arab countries have considered the arguments of the Doha unconvincing.

The interior Minister of Poland asked for the closure of entry to the EU Muslim migrants. «The threat of terrorist attacks, committed by Muslim terrorists in Western Europe is a fact, not incidents,» – said Mariusz Blashak in the air of the Polish television, as the radio station «Moscow Says».

Speaking about the policy of multiculturalism, Blashak stressed that she bears bad fruit. «This is a departure from the roots of civilization of Europe, and thus Christianity» the official said, stressing the impossibility of Poland’s participation in the European programme for the resettlement of refugees.

The Saudi government will soon announce the decision to close the office of the Qatari satellite channel «al Jazeera» in the Kingdom, the newspaper «Izvestia» with reference to news portal «Ajil» and sources familiar with the situation, the office of television and radio broadcasting of Saudi Arabia, which started the process of revocation of the license to broadcast the channel. The power of the Kingdom already given an indication of working for Qatari media Saudi journalists to return home.

The Senate Committee of the U.S. Congress is investigating the attempt of former United States Secretary of state Hillary Clinton to discontinue the proceedings in Bangladesh in the case of a friend of her family, entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus.

The former candidate for presidents of the United States is tried, the Chairman of the Senate judiciary Committee of the U.S. Congress, Republican Chuck Grassley, to help Yunus, the former one of the sponsors of the family’s Clinton Foundation, to avoid investigation into charges of corruption initiated by the government of Bangladesh, writes the same publication, citing the Daily Caller.

Internet users made fun of the journalist, which caused to fight Islamic state terrorists – American became a hero to many «photoshopped pics», writes «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

After a series of attacks in London Andre Walker posted on his Twitter page a photo in which he stands with sword in hand on the banks of the Thames, and in the caption to this photo he invited the militants to join him in the fight, promising 50 thousand pounds «the terrorist who’ll kill him.»

«I put a price on my head. The terrorist ISIS, which will kill me, will receive 50 thousand pounds. The address I give you. The police will not, but I have a sword,» the newspaper quoted publishing Walker’s tweet that was later deleted. Instead of the deleted text the journalist published another, saying that he was able to show the cowardice of the extremists, because his challenge was not accepted

Social networks made fun of Americans that caused the IG to fight. Review of Russian media 05.06.2017

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