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SOHR: the IDF fired at a target South of Damascus

The monitoring group Syrian observatory for human rights (SOHR) reports that on the evening of 17 February, Israeli forces fired three rockets at targets South of Damascus, reports Reuters.

Data on damage or casualties SOHR does not. It is unclear whether the fire from the air or from the ground. According to the SOHR, was attacked with a goal on the road between Damascus and Daraa. Perhaps we are talking about a convoy of Hizbullah.

The message about the attack on a target near the military base of the Syrian army was voiced on air of TV channel «al-Arabia» (UAE). And it was said that the local residents heard «secondary explosions» – that is, we can talk about the destruction of weapons.

At the same time, the Lebanese TV channel «al-Manar» belonging to Hezbollah, claims that this information is untrue.

The previous message about the IDF strike on targets in Syria were reported on 9 February. It was never confirmed nor Damascus, nor Hizbullah.

Official Jerusalem has also not commented on these reports.

The attacks on Syria in 2013-2015, the IDF carried out by or attributed to Israeli army


February 18. The SOHR reports that the Israeli military fired three missiles at targets on the highway Damascus-Daraa.

February 9. «Al-Jazeera» reports that the IDF air force attacked the Hizbullah on the highway Damascus-HOMS.


December 26. Syrian media reported that Israeli air force attacked seven targets in the mountains Kalamun. It is alleged that the strikes were made on targets of Hizbullah.

December 20. In the area of Jermana (South of Damascus) as a result of the airstrike destroyed the building, killed at least 9 people – commanders and fighters of Hizbullah. Among the dead was Samir Kuntar, who directed the actions of the militants «Hezbollah» in the Syrian part of the Golan heights, and field commander Farhan Shaalan.

December 4. Air strike on a convoy of trucks carrying missiles in the area of al-Cutify North of Damascus.

November 29. Air strike on positions of the Syrian army and Hizbullah in the border area of Kalamun.

November 23. An air strike by a mixed garrison of Hizbullah and the regular army of Syria near the village of RAS al-Mara.

November 11. Syrian and Lebanese media reported that Israeli air force launched a series of attacks on targets in the area of Damascus airport. Presumably, were destroyed Iranian weapons bound for Hizbullah.

October 30. The Syrian opposition reported that the Israeli air force bombed Syrian territory. Strikes on positions of government troops and the Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah.

August 21. IDF air force attacked the 14 objects of the Syrian army, located in the Golan heights. It was a response to rocket fire into Israeli territory.

August 20. The Syrian state news Agency SANA late on Thursday, August 20, reported the application of military air forces of the IDF strikes on Syria. According to the report, the attack was subjected to two administrative buildings in Quneitra. This operation was a response to rocket fire into Israel.

July 29. Lebanese media reported that IDF air force destroyed a car with gunmen in the area of Quneitra. Five militants were killed.

April 27. According to Arab media reports, IDF air force destroyed the North of Damascus warehouse of Scud missiles destined for Hizbullah. In Syria there are killed and wounded.

April 26. In the evening on Syrian territory near the Israeli border air strike destroyed a group of terrorists lay mines.

April 25. According to Arab media, Israeli planes bombed the warehouse with the missiles of the Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah group. Reported the death of one person.

On 2 April. The DPA news Agency reported that the air force of Israel struck at Syrian army positions in HOMS.

January 28. The Israeli air force attacked artillery positions in the Syrian army in response to recent rocket fire into Israeli territory.

January 18. Two missiles fired from the air towards the target that were in the area of Quneitra. In the attack killed were senior commanders of Hizbullah and Iranian officers.


December 7. Aircraft IDF air force attacked a convoy of Hizbullah, transporting from Syria to Lebanon a batch of Russian missiles destined for Hizbullah. According to Arab media, the victims of the attack were two Hizbullah. This information contradicts the statement of the official Damascus, according to which the attack was killed.

February 24. Explosion in the vicinity of the Syrian-Lebanese border. The aim of the attack was a convoy of Hizbullah, transporting from Syria to Lebanon a batch of rockets of a class «earth-earth», able to carry more powerful warheads than almost all missiles, before the Shiite terrorist group. As a result of an airstrike had killed four activists of «Hezbollah».

January 27. A powerful explosion in Latakia. The media alleged that was blown up a warehouse with the missiles s-300 Russian production.


October 31. Under Latakia was blown up a warehouse with weapons, which, presumably, were stored the missile complex SA-3 (NATO classification) – the same missile system s-125 «Neva» or in the export version, «Pechora», intended for Hizbullah.

October 21. According to the Kuwaiti edition of «al-Jarida», air force of the IDF in the area of the Syrian-Lebanese border was bombed several trucks that drove some military supplies to Hizbullah. Information was not confirmed from other sources.

July 5. To the East of Latakia, in Syria, an air strike destroyed a warehouse of rocket arms (according to the media, there is stored the anti-ship missile «Yakhont» Russian production).

May 5. Inflicted a series of air strikes on military installations Northwest of Damascus, in the district of Jemaja (according to media reports, were attacked more than 40 sites, including the headquarters of the 4th division of the Syrian army, an underground silos with missiles Scud base the 104th and 105th brigades, etc.). It was also reported air strikes on targets in Syria on the night of 4 may.

January 30. As a result of air strikes on targets in Syria was destroyed by the convoy, which was of the SA-17 («Buk-M1-2»), intended for Hizbullah, there was significant damage to the center of the CERS, where he developed chemical and biological weapons.

SOHR: the IDF fired at a target South of Damascus 18.02.2016

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