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Soldiers-Ethiopia continues to insist on the trial who struck him «the Russian» police

Soldier Damas, Pakado rejected the proposal of the high court and refused to withdraw his lawsuit. It requires that a police officer, now former, was tried.

In an interview to the 2nd channel Damas, Picado said that he is absolutely sure he is right and believes that the police must be brought before the court. He noted that he was extremely difficult to make this decision.

On 18 October, the high court encouraged all parties to come to an agreement to withdraw the case and use the solution proposed by the legal adviser to the government. Namely, to transfer the case against the police in court if he denies his guilt.

COP, now former, hoping for a quick end to the proceedings. However, his lawyers point out that allowing the parties to agree, the high court made clear that it is not necessary to use the case of Damas, Pakado to further inflame passions that this case had no racial overtones.

The incident, which caused mass demonstrations activists of the community of immigrants from Ethiopia, took place on 26 April 2015. 14 June of the same year, the legal Advisor to the government Yehuda Weinstein decided to close the criminal proceedings against the police. This decision was made in conjunction with state Prosecutor Shai Nitzan. Pakado, appealed their decision to the high court.

The police originally from the Russian-speaking community, argued that the incident of «beating» the soldier looked differently than it was presented by the Ethiopian community and the media. The word police may 31, 2015 provided the editor of «Yediot Ahronot» .

A former police officer claimed that the incident was used successfully in the interests of the protest movement. According to him, the soldier Damas, Pakado has become a tool in the hands of others, as the young man was well aware that had actually happened, and that he was wrong.

The incident took place in Holon, in an area with a high crime rate. A few days later after the area was blown up by a grenade, next to the bench was discovered a subject similar to an explosive device. According to police, he had no time to think. Upon arriving to the scene, he blocked the road waiting for the bomb squad. His partner through the mouthpiece asked local residents not to leave their homes. In this moment there Damas, Pakado.

According to a former police officer, he did not pay attention to the color of the skin of a soldier, and saw before him the man he needs to save a life. The police officer said that the soldier was warned that the area is closed, however, he replied in rude tone and tried to pass. Then, said the dismissed police officer, he grabbed the bike by the handlebars and pushed. The soldier punched the guard in the neck, after which he said, Pakado that he was arrested. In response, the soldier punched him in the face, claimed the ex-policeman.

The interlocutor of «Yediot Ahronot» insisted that, in accordance with official regulations, he had to act in such a way that the enemy never had a chance to attack him again, and he punched the soldier, knocking him down. A police officer expressed surprise at the fact that no one sees the video of this incident is that the soldier attacked him first.

On the question of the journalist, if everything could change as much as he did, the ex-policeman replied that he’d do the same.

Soldiers-Ethiopia continues to insist on the trial who struck him «the Russian» police 23.10.2017

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