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Son of America Obama and her father’s trump. Review of the Russian media

The Supreme court of Tatarstan for the first time eliminated interregional human rights Association «Agora», whose main office is located in Kazan. The occasion was the claim of the Ministry of justice, insisting on liquidation. Literally, the arguments of the Ministry were as follows: «Agora» continues to shape public opinion and try to leave the registry of foreign agents, where previously refused to join voluntarily, the newspaper «Kommersant».

Association «Agora» was founded in 2005. and has since become one of the most prominent human rights organizations, with 35 lawyers and attorneys in more than 40 regions of the Russian Federation. Liquidation does not affect its activity, as all the cases handled by lawyers associations, will be continued as the provision of human rights assistance. However, its representatives intend to appeal the decision of the court in the Tatarstan Supreme court of the Russian Federation.

The same publication reports that Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin dispatched to Iraq in a two-day official visit, during which he will meet with the leadership of the country and will hold a meeting of the intergovernmental Commission on economic cooperation. Together with Rogozin in Baghdad will fly over a hundred Russian officials and businessmen. They will convince the Iraqi partners to expand joint projects in the oil and gas sector and energy and also to continue military-technical cooperation.

In the government of national unity of Libya will not be the post of defense Minister. This decision was made by the presidential Council of the country, forming this compromise, the Cabinet of Ministers, according to news Agency TASS with reference to the channel «al Arabiya». «After unsuccessful debate about the candidate on a post of the head of the defense Ministry, the presidential Council fundamentally agreed to exclude the military from the structure of the new government of national unity,» – noted journalists of the TV channel.

«The Western coalition in Syria gave the canadian the crack» – so the article published in «Independent newspaper», which States that Canada ceases airstrikes on the jihadists in the middle East, despite the pressure of the partners.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has fulfilled campaign promises and announced that his country was on February 22 stops the bombing of is positions. Ottawa will take six bombers, but two of the aircraft will continue surveillance in the region. While Canada will increase the number of military advisers in the region up to 200 people.

Writer Eduard Limonov says in the newspaper «Izvestia» about the U.S. presidential race and about who want to see Americans and Europeans at the same time as the head of state.

«The trend is clearly to change tasteless ordinary leaders to extraordinary. For Russia, the trump is the best candidate. He says to the Americans: stop being the policemen of the world and to rush headlong across the globe, protecting the country is dependent. It is time to return to America, all the attention to the needs of fellow citizens. The attitude to migrants, trump ugly: Mexico promises to build a wall that will protect Americans from illegal immigrants-Mexicans, Muslims, promises to prohibit entry to America».

«Americans are sick already, apparently, from Obama, a black protégé white clan Kennedy and the Clintons – with a dancing step lanky Harlem bully moves Barack Obama. However, it is noticeable that he is not confident, he’s not the father of America, but her son. The masses also safer under the regime of the Father».

Merkel successfully ruining Germany, she is such a shy ex-girl with big forms women, but still shy moves. Look how shy she goes to the podium! To the Germans it is not suitable to the historical season. They don’t want shy, or they need a damn Frau, fighting with pan or rolling pin, or words, full bellied Bavarian man Lugovogo. To put things in order».

Son of America Obama and her father’s trump. Review of the Russian media 10.02.2016

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