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«Sore» in Jewish-Ukrainian relations: meeting with Ukrainian authors

Thursday, June 15, in tel Aviv Jabotinsky Institute at king George, 38, held a meeting with the young «stars» of Ukrainian literature and the mass media — known writer and poetess Katerina Babkina and journalist «Gromadsky TV», member of the Ukrainian center of International Pen Irina Slavinskaya.

Katerina and Irina arrive in Israel for the international book festival, and will represent Ukraine in Jerusalem. Israeli Friends of Ukraine together with the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter invites you to a meeting-conversation on the new trends in the Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian-Jewish relations.

The conversation will be affected the most pressing issues in Jewish-Ukrainian relations, you can ask any questions. And, of course, Katerina and Irina will acquaint the guests with their creativity. The meeting place — the Jabotinsky Institute in tel Aviv — not chosen by chance. Zeev Jabotinsky urged the Jews to cooperate with the Ukrainian national movement, seen as the common interest of the two peoples in the struggle for independence.

Kateryna Babkina is one of the most famous Ukrainian writers, columnist, screenwriter, playwright. Author of poetry books «city lights of St. Elma», «Grcica» and «Zabolevanie first snodin» storybook «Massiv Gol people, LLW after you,» and a novel «Sleepyhead» children’s stories «Garbuzovo year» and «Cap I kit». Her texts have been translated into Polish, German, English, Swedish, Czech, Romanian and Russian languages, plays in her texts were set in Kiev, Vienna and Geneva. The novel «the sleeper» was released in July 2016 the German language. And this year at the Jerusalem book fair will take place presentation of the book «For vsih odnakovi ask» in Hebrew, translated by Anton Paperny, which was published in the publishing house «Haver Laat». Kateryna Babkina collaborated and collaborates as a journalist or columnist with various publications in Ukraine and beyond its borders – Esquire, Le Monde, Esquire, Harpers Bazaar, Ukrainska Pravda, Buro24/7, Business, Focus, Platform, Bird in Flight. Its literary texts are printed in many almanacs and anthologies in Ukraine, Europe, Britain and the United States. The book «Cap I kit» became the loudest event of children’s literature in 2016 in Ukraine.

Irina Slavinskaya, Ukrainian journalist, presenter, translator and literary critic. Author and host of the project «Antenna» and «Meeting», one of the leading daily talk show live «gromadska hvilya» and «swiu head.» Member of editorial Board of «Gromadsky TV». Another 3-year University in 2006, Irina began studying journalism. Her first texts were published on the portal «Sad?Com» and later, in 2007, articles appeared on «Ukraïnskiy proud» and «Ukraïnskiy proud. Life». In the autumn of 2010 Irina writes literary reviews for the magazine «SHO», since may 2012, leads a column in the magazine «Elle» (Ukraine). From may 2012 to April 2013, Irina worked at the TV channel and was the author and presenter of «the word Game and not only» (with Vitaliy Haidukevich) and editor of the educational program «Lectures and events». Along with three dozen colleagues Irina has resigned from the channel, thus expressing his protest against the non-transparent change of ownership. At the meeting Irina will present her new book «the History of talented people.»

«Sore» in Jewish-Ukrainian relations: meeting with Ukrainian authors 14.06.2017

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