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Sources in the «tnua»: «Standing alone, Livni has up to eight mandates»

The head of the party «tnua» Tzipi Livni held a series of interviews, checking the opportunity to stand for election to the Knesset 21st convocation, said the editorial the sources in the «tnua».

According to sources, in surveys conducted by sociologists working with
party Showers, in particular the Kalman Gayer, in the case of self-participation «tnua» in the elections, the party gaining seven seats.

According to the survey, carried out by Mano geva and Mina tzemach, Livni can count on eight seats, according to sources. According to them, Livni conducted two surveys, one of which was attended by 500 respondents, the second 1000, and both showed similar results.

In the «tnua» argue that in the case of independent participation in the elections as it «selects» the mandates mainly from the party «Yesh Atid». Party «Avoda» in the case of a break with the «tnua» retains the level of popularity, which is observed at the moment in the polls, gaining 14-15 mandates.

Note that in the party of the «tnua» refused to provide the surveys.

Sources in the «Zionist camp,» stated, talking with the correspondent that in recent weeks the Rains to a lesser extent than previously configured to run independently. «Her relationship with AVI Gabem has stabilized a bit, and now it is less important, but what happens before the election, nobody knows,» — said the correspondent MP from the «Zionist camp». The faction head Yoel Hasson confirmed that negotiations are underway about the possibility of merging parties «Avoda» and «tnua». «Of course we’re talking about how it will look in the future,» said Hasson, in an interview with

Sources in the «tnua»: «Standing alone, Livni has up to eight mandates» 05.02.2018

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