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Spain want to restore the Sephardic language of Jews expelled

The Royal Spanish Academy announced the decision to open the Department of the Sephardic language also known as Ladino, spoken by Spanish Jews before the expulsion 500 years ago, reports The Guardian.

Thus the Jewish-Spanish language will be included in series with the 23 Spanish dialects that exist in Latin America and other regions.

Director of the Academy, Dario Villanueva called Ladino «an extraordinary and important cultural and historical phenomenon», which is long overdue to dedicate a language Academy.

According to Villanueva, the Sephardic language has preserved the ancient Spanish words. Ladino is also heavily influenced by the languages of those countries where he settled expelled from Spain the Jews.

The Spanish language of the Sephardic Academy will be open in Israel and its aim will be the preservation of the cultural and linguistic heritage of the Ladino.

Spain want to restore the Sephardic language of Jews expelled

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