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Spout filed a complaint to the constitutional court: it calls for a revision of the article number 282 of the criminal code

Blogger and media Manager Anton Nosik, whose post entitled «Wipe Syria off the face of the Earth» was recognized as extremist by the court, challenged in the constitutional court applied in his case criminal charges of incitement of hatred or enmity (article 282 of the criminal code).

About it writes on Monday, may 15, the news Agency RIA Novosti, citing his lawyer Sergei Badamshina.

Adamsin has commented on this claim, stating:»We believe that article 282 should not even exist in the code. In fact, the wording vague, in which there is article, it may not exist at all.

At present, the application of the Spout is «on preliminary study» to the constitutional court, which will decide whether you will take the complaint into consideration and will there be a public hearing.

Russian Agency legal and judicial information (РАПСИ0 notes that the complaint to the constitutional court filed a Spout together with the «Open Russia». The plaintiffs need to check out this article on the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

The case against Anton Spout. Quick reference

Living in Russia, media Manager Anton Nosik wrote in his blog that he welcomes the bombing of Syria and compared this to the Arab country with Nazi Germany. The blogger claimed that Syria for Israel has always been a «very real military adversary,» and also stated that «for the last 70 years the middle East is not seen from Syria is nothing but aggression, wars, cannibalism, destruction and grief.»

The case against the Spout was opened in February 2016. The final conclusion about the presence in the text of the Spout of the signs of extremism was made on the results of the third linguistic examination conducted by the Volgograd laboratory. The text was discovered, «linguistic features of excitation of enmity against the Syrians, allocated on a national territorial basis». Before many experts have stated that they do not find evidence of extremism in the publications of A. Nosik, who expressed his opinion on the subject and supported the bombing of Syria by the Russian military.

Spout filed a complaint to the constitutional court: it calls for a revision of the article number 282 of the criminal code


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