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Stag party on Board Ryanair forced the crew to deviate from the course

A Ryanair plane travelling from London to Bratislava, made an unscheduled landing in Berlin to plant six young men staged a brawl on Board the aircraft, reports The Guardian.

On Board, took off from London last Friday, there were 170 passengers. 12 of them were young men from Southampton, 25-28 years old, who were invited to the bachelor party also aboard the plane fiancé.

During the flight, six of the participants of the bachelor party, including the groom, got drunk and started to kick up a row. When flight attendants refused to bring them new drinks, the men began to show aggression, and one of them undressed.

The crew decided to make an unscheduled landing in Berlin, where the brawlers were detained by the police and other passengers on the plane continued its flight to Slovakia.

The detained passengers were soon released, but each of them will have to pay a fine in the amount of about 20 thousand pounds. In addition, they face civil lawsuits from the airlines.

Stag party on Board Ryanair forced the crew to deviate from the course 28.02.2016

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