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Started an indefinite strike in middle and high school

On the morning of Tuesday, November 21, started an indefinite strike declared on the eve of the Organization of teachers of secondary and senior classes.

The strike covers all secondary schools of Israel, excluding private and special schools. Classes will not be held in classes from the «Yod» to «Yod-bet». But still have to confirm the fact of cancellation of classes in each school separately.

High school students are outraged that teachers do not consider their interests. Representatives of the Organization of teachers of middle and high school say that work in the same conditions is impossible.

20 November, the head of the teachers organization, Ran Erez in the beginning of the meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Finance has put forward pre-conditions, only after which, he will agree to continue negotiations. According to representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the demands they were hearing for the first time. Already three minutes after the beginning of the meeting ended, and Ran Erez announced the beginning of the strike.

The Finance Ministry expressed regret at the decision of the Association of teachers. The Ministry said that instead of try to negotiate on the merits, the teachers chose different kinds of pressure.

Negotiations between the parties on the collective labour agreement lasts for 11 months. Last Thursday, they were joined by education Minister Naftali Bennett.

The intention to strike the leadership of the teachers ‘ organization said on Thursday, before meeting with Bennett and two appointed at the time of the rounds of talks with the Finance Ministry.

After a one-day strike on 12 November, the parties came to an agreement about raising the salaries of teachers with the experience. Even before the strike, an agreement was reached regarding the salaries of young teachers. However, in recent days, the organization’s Chairman Ran Erez has put forward new requirements, accuse the Ministry misconduct and the introduction of the Union in error.

In particular, Ran Erez demanded that a large part of the under the agreement the increase was due immediately, not in three years. He also demanded supplements four stages of professional development, allowing you to obtain a raise in salary bonuses to teachers of middle school, addition to the salaries of Directors, a Supplement to the teachers responsible for discipline, for school trips, for work with children with learning difficulties, etc., the additive rate of an education consultant in middle school, a reduction of five working hours to teachers who do not have their own workplace in the school.

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Started an indefinite strike in middle and high school 21.11.2017

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