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State Duma Deputy accused the President of the United States of corruption. Review of the Russian media

«Russia, West still remembered the sins» – the article published Tuesday, the newspaper «Kommersant». This article tells about how during the meeting of the UN Security Council first Deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation in the organization of Petr Ilichev read out a list of the most egregious, in the opinion of Moscow, cases of disrespect for international law by the US, Britain and other Western countries.

In particular, they mentioned the bombing of Yugoslavia (1999), the U.S. invasion of Grenada (1983) and Iraq (2003), destabilization of the situation in Libya, «which destroyed the state and left in its place the ashes and chaos». Thus, the Russian delegation responded to the claims on Moscow on the events in Eastern Ukraine and the Crimean referendum.

Former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Koch arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list on charges of smuggling, Interfax reports. Today will consider the complaint on the court decision about election to it measures of restraint. In September, Alfred Koch, in absentia accused of attempting to smuggle cultural property: according to investigators, the former Deputy Prime Minister tried to give the work of Isaac Brodsky at the picture of an unknown artist and it is illegal to export it from Russia.

No matter how often President Barack Obama and members of his team neither swore that refer to China as its strategic ally, in fact, the Americans and openly show their disrespect for Beijing. It came to the point that the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Hong lei was forced to demand from Washington to stop the political farce, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

At this time it is about the desire to rename the square in Washington in front of the Chinese Embassy. No one doubt that we are talking about the stressed unfriendly gesture towards the PRC, it should be noted that the Americans are going to name referred to the area in honor of the Chinese dissident, writes the edition.

«The bill of the U.S. Senate violates the basic norms governing international relations. The Chinese side firmly opposes. If the bill is passed, it will lead to dire consequences, warned the Obama team Hong lei. – We demand that the U.S. Senate has ceased consideration of this legislation, and hope that the U.S. administration will put an end to this political farce.»

The newspaper «Izvestia» publishes scathing article Maxim Sokolov, in which he shows the inconsistency of the recent statements of the head of the British foreign office, who claimed that Putin can stop war in Syria one call.

«The British Minister of foreign Affairs F. Hammond found a simple and quick way to end the Syrian crisis. According to Hammond, the matter rests in the person of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and «there is only one person on the planet who can put an end to the civil war in Syria by making a single phone call, and that is Putin.» Because «Assad will leave or stay is ultimately depends on whether Russia is ready to use its influence to remove him from power».

That is, the British peace plan (after Hammond as foreign Minister speaks on behalf of Her Majesty, gag, flog him the position does not allow) is to persuade Vladimir Putin to the removal of Bashar al-Assad, what can be done through a single phone call. After that, Assad will do under the hood and immediately deleted into oblivion (according to the original plan — political, however, Her Majesty’s government as can be understood, willing to put up with physical).

Everything will be reconciled, will come General favor, and the lion lies near the lamb. The plan is quite obvious, and it is only Vladimir Putin why-that do not wish to Damascus and Assad to announce his resignation.

State Duma Deputy Vladimir Burmatov, speaking on Tuesday, February 16, at the session of the lower house of Parliament, accused President Barack Obama of corruption. According to him, the corruption schemes of officials of the United States should be debated and investigated in various international venues – in the court of the Hague, the UN, the OSCE and the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

According to the politician, corruption in the USA «pervades all political institutions and is an integral part of the policy, including foreign policy.» While Russia is accused of corruption by the United States Burmatov called «weird», reports RIA Novosti.

State Duma Deputy accused the President of the United States of corruption. Review of the Russian media 16.02.2016

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