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Statistics of suicides among returnees. Comments of the Ministry of health of Israel

According to the Ministry of health of Israel among immigrants from the former Soviet Union suicide two times higher than among native Israelis. On request office explained the reasons for this phenomenon, and spoke about the work being done to reduce the number of suicides among returnees.

According to information provided by the Ministry of health, for the period from 2010 to 2014 466 of immigrants from the former USSR who arrived in the country after 1990, committed suicide. 379 of them were men, and 87 women. Most suicides were in the age group 25 to 44 years (176 cases), followed by age group 45-64 years (148 cases).

If among the native Israelis in recent years there has been a decrease in the number of suicides, the community of immigrants from the former Soviet Union this figure is almost not changed. However, it is noted that in 2012-2014 the number of suicides among immigrants from Ethiopia was 2.2 times higher than among immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

The Ministry of health also leads to data on attempted suicides. In 2012-2016 among the natives of the former USSR to commit suicide tried 3826 people. Among them – 1519 2282 men and women. Most often to settle scores with life tried people aged 25-44 years (1619 cases), second place – age group 15-24 (976 cases), the third place – people aged 45 to 64 years (794 cases).

It is noted that among immigrants from the former Soviet Union was recorded in 1.4 times more suicide attempts than among native Israelis.

The Ministry of health calls the reasons of suicides among the immigrants from the former Soviet Union. First, we are talking about genetic predisposition to suicidal behavior, mental disorders, such as depression, and lack of public support.

Secondly, moving to another country is a contributing factor to increased mental tension and provokes suicidal behaviour. This explains why among the returnees more suicides than among the indigenous population.

Third, the propensity of returnees to suicide also affects the situation in this sphere in the country of origin. Thus, according to the Ministry of health, the number of suicides in the countries that were part of the Soviet Union, higher than in Europe. Studies show that among immigrants from these countries experience high levels of mental distress, however, the suicide rate among them is not as high as among the population in the countries of origin.

All age groups of immigrants experience mental tension for several years after moving to Israel. They are much more likely than the locals, think about committing suicide, the experts of the Ministry of health.

Among the risk factors are consumption of alcohol, loss of a job, decrease of professional status, the rejection of the appeal for psychological help. Widowers and divorced also show a greater tendency to suicidal behavior, and among the immigrants many of these people.

The unemployment rate among immigrants from the former Soviet Union is not higher than among the local population. But the employment of immigrants is often partial or temporary, and they are forced to accept work that does not meet their ambitions, the professional status and skills.

The health Ministry claimed that the main factor which helps to reduce mental tensions among the immigrants, is public support.

In 2013 in Israel national program for suicide prevention. It involved the Ministry, the police, health insurance Fund, the municipalities and various non-profit organizations. Today the program operates in more than 50 municipalities.

The program includes several strategies for suicide prevention that proved effective in Israel and in the world. She pays special attention to segments of the population, risk groups such as immigrants.

The program includes training in working with people with suicidal behavior hot line for people who are on the verge of suicide (including in Russian), assistance in obtaining treatment for people who are prone to suicide, prevention of access to hazardous items and medicines, with which to commit suicide, support to families whose relatives committed suicide.

Psychological first aid can be obtained by calling 1201.

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Statistics of suicides among returnees. Comments of the Ministry of health of Israel 07.09.2017

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