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Stephen Hawking: we need to start looking for alternative planets for life

The famous British physicist Stephen Hawking said at a press conference in London: «I am firmly convinced that we must begin to search for alternative planets for possible residence.» These words of Hawking quoted the website of the newspaper The Independent.

Thus, the physicist said that for achieving this goal humanity has to make a technological breakthrough. Previously, Hawking predicted that the world would end within the next thousand years because of man-made disaster.

— Stephen Hawking – 75 years. Photo gallery

In March this year, Stephen Hawking has stated that he plans to fly into space in the framework of the company Virgin Galactic. «Flight into space will make me happy. I thought nobody wants to take me, but Richard Branson (head of Virgin Galactic) offered me a place in Virgin Galactic, and I immediately agreed,» said Hawking.

Stephen William Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, UK. When Hawking was eight years old, his family moved to St Albans, 20 miles North of London. He entered University College, Oxford, where he studied and his father. Stephen, unlike his father, wanted to study mathematics, not medicine, but the University College to obtain a purely mathematical education was impossible, and he began to study physics. Three years later, Hawking received his first degree in the natural Sciences.

For many decades, scientist suffers from an incurable disease – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also called Lou Gehrig’s disease), in which motor neurons progressively die, and man becomes more helpless. In thirty years he was unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair.

In 1985, Stephen Hawking caught pneumonia. He had a series of operations and removed the trachea, with the result that he lost the gift of speech.

Hawking communicate with the world using a special computer synthesizes human speech. Some mobility was retained, only the index finger on his right hand, with which he controls the computer.

Hawking works in the faculty of applied mathematics and theoretical physics at Cambridge University, where he studied the movement of the Universe. In the early 70-ies of the Hawking started analyzing the events surrounding the birth of the world.

The main research area of the Hawking – cosmology and quantum gravity. His main achievements – application of thermodynamics to the description of black holes and the theory that black holes «evaporate» because of a phenomenon called «Hawking radiation».

Despite serious illness, Hawking leads an active life. So, in January 2007 he took flight in zero gravity on a special plane.

In addition, Hawking made several appearances in the animated series «the Simpsons», «family Guy» and «Futurama,» where he voiced himself, and in the TV series «Star trek: the next generation».

In British politics Stephen Hawking is a long-standing supporter of the labour party. In March 1968 he, along with the Trotskyists, writer Tariq Ali and actress Vanessa Redgrave, participated in the March against the war in Vietnam. He supports nuclear disarmament, universal health care and the fight against climate change; the war in Iraq in 2003 called «war crime». In 2013, Hawking refused to participate in the presidential conference in Israel, according to different versions, it was the refusal for political reasons or because of illness.

In 2015, Hawking said that will resort to euthanasia if you feel a burden. People with a diagnosis is very rarely live up to 75 years.

Stephen Hawking: we need to start looking for alternative planets for life 21.05.2017

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