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«Sterile area» near the Damascus gate as

On Thursday evening, June 22, the press service of the head of the government of Israel issued a statement of Benjamin Netanyahu, reported that during the meeting with the Minister of internal security by Gilad Erdana, the inspector General of police, Roni Alchahol and the commander of the Jerusalem district police chief major General joramo Halevy he approved the plan to change security measures in the district of Damascus (Damascus) gate.

«In this place killers repeatedly commit crimes. It has become a symbol of terror and a symbol of counter-terror… introduced Me to a program for the strengthening of security measures and limit the freedom of action of potential terrorists. I approved this plan, and it will be implemented in the near future», – was said in an official statement.

Details of the plan Friday morning, June 23, was published in the newspaper «Israel a-Yom».

The details of the plan

In the immediate vicinity by the Damascus gate and on the adjacent streets is planned to install LPR cameras (License Plate Recognition) identifies the vehicle on the automobile license plates.

In the specified area will be installed «smart camera», allowing them to identify suspects in real time. «Israel a-Yom» does not write about which system is involved. Israel has several such systems. One of the most effective is the technology of Video Synopsis BriefCam, an Israeli company used by the intelligence agencies of Israel, USA and several countries in Europe and Asia, which allows us to analyze a picture, keep a separate record of static and moving objects, compression, recording, play back recordings, made at different times, in one frame, and accordingly, viewing large video files in minutes.

It is planned to create new observation posts, which will rise above the flow of people. These buildings are going to coat the «Jerusalem stone» and mosaics, not to disrupt the historic character of the Old city of Jerusalem. Currently, in the area of Damascus gate posts of the police and border guard have special structures: the duty is at the top, before descending the stairs to the gate, and in the lower part of the area enclosed by metal «groynes».

There will be a special lighting system which will allow the dark to see what is happening around Damascus gate «by day».

In addition, the possibility of changing the topography of the area before Shumskii gates so as to minimize the risk that the hostile action at the initial stage will go unnoticed.

It is assumed that disguised surveillance cameras will monitor what is happening in the area of the Damascus gate around the clock in real time.

Criticism of the plan

Many Israeli politicians criticized the intention of Netanyahu to create a «sterile zone» around the Damascus gate before the publication of this plan in detail.

The main arguments of those who criticize this plan are: 1) it is necessary to fight terror, and not to create exemplary sites of such a struggle, 2) the establishment of such a zone can be perceived by many as a local victory for the terrorists, 3) the strengthening of security measures in a small area will not solve the problem of terror in the Israeli capital, 4) additional security measures will complicate the movement of local residents and tourists, which will cause material damage, 5) the concentration of security forces would attract terrorists.

Statistics of terrorist attacks near Damascus gate

Shamsie gate became the «symbol of terror», stated Netanyahu and the leaders of power structures. According to «Israel a-Yom», in the last two and a half years in this district were 32 terrorist attacks. According to published «the map of terrorist attacks,» the journalist Itzik Saban, preparing material take into account not only the attacks near the Damascus gate, but also attacks on neighbouring streets, including on the territory of the Old city.

Judging by the archive, from October 2015 (the beginning of the so-called «intifada al-Quds» or «intifada knife») close by the Damascus gate was made 19 attacks. 16 June 2017 here was killed pogranichnitsa adas Malka, 3 February 2016 at the hands of terrorists killed pogranichnitsa Adar Cohen. During this period, about the Damascus gate was injured 18 Israelis (mostly members of the police and border guard service), 21 terrorist shot dead.

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«Sterile area» near the Damascus gate as 23.06.2017

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