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Stoltenberg: hybrid attack on a member of NATO will entail a military response Alliance

NATO can use article on collective defence – article 5 of the Washington Treaty – in the case of hybrid attacks against the Alliance. On Tuesday, 1 December, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

This article States that an attack on any NATO member is seen as attack on Alliance and implies a collective military response.

«We decided that hybrid attacks may also involve the application of the 5th article,» – quoted by RIA «Novosti» the words of Stoltenberg, said after the meeting of NATO Council at the level of foreign Ministers.

According to the Secretary General of the Alliance, approved Tuesday by the foreign Ministers of NATO countries new concept in combating hybrid threats, includes three parts: «preparation, deterrence and defense».

«We need to implement all these components. Hybrid challenges involve a very wide range of threats, and NATO required a very wide range of capabilities to defend themselves. Because, for example, hybrid attacks include misinformation, deception, and the time for response is very limited, and therefore requires a high degree of readiness of our forces», — said Stoltenberg.

The term «hybrid war», according to American military experts, involves an undeclared, secret war, in which belligerent attacks by state authorities or the regular army of the enemy with the help of local rebels and separatists, supported by weapons and finances.

In addition, hybrid warfare can be used by tools such as subversive activities of special services on the territory of the enemy, propaganda campaigns and economic pressure.

For example, a hybrid war in the USA called the alleged Russian involvement in the conflict in Ukraine via the separatists self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics equipment, ammunition and volunteers.

Stoltenberg: hybrid attack on a member of NATO will entail a military response Alliance 02.12.2015

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