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Stone tableware for the miracle of Christ, discovery in the Galilee

In the course of works on construction of the new sports centre in the village of Reine, located in the Lower Galilee, was found a workshop where they made stone ware. The find dates from the Second Temple period.

This is only the fourth such plant was discovered in Israel. Another workshop was recently found in the town Anot Amity, near the Rhine. About the other two, located in the vicinity of Jerusalem, has been known for several decades.

«The discovery confirms that Jews attached importance to the issues of ritual purity. Stone ware clearly indicates the Jews. They believed that this cookware remain ritually clean,» — said Professor Ariel University Jonathan Adler.

According to him, the pottery was thought to possesses similar properties, and in the case of contact with unclean it had to be broken. Stone dishes were used on special occasions, made her a little, and hence the workshops were few.

The Studio is located near a man-made cave where there were raw materials for the manufacture of utensils. The limestone was cut with a sharp knife, getting the utensils necessary forms. According to the findings, were made here, mainly bowls with handles and bowls.

«In Galilee were previously found only the dishes. It happened in Cana, Sepphoris, Nazareth. The importance of ritual purity we also know from written sources, including the Christian – for example, from the gospel of John,» — said the representative of the Department of antiquities of the Yarden Alexander.

She recalled that according to Christian tradition, Jesus was a guest at a wedding held in Cana of Galilee. When the wine ran out, he ordered to fill with water six stone jars and the water turned into wine. It was the first of the miracles performed by them.

Stone tableware for the miracle of Christ, discovery in the Galilee 10.08.2017

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