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Stratfor analyst: revenge of Hizbullah as a cold dish. Terrorist attack in the United States

On the website of the American intelligence-analytical company Stratfor published an article by expert Ben Vesta under the heading «Hezbollah watches and waits».

The author notes that, in contrast to the Sunni «Islamic state» Shiite «Hezbollah» is often in no hurry to stock revenge, and carefully prepares each such share. In the words of the author, the revenge of the «Hezbollah» is usually a «cold dish». For example, the activities of the detainees on 8 June this year, two US citizens, a 32-year-old Ali Hourani from new York and 27-year-old Samir al-Debeka from Dearborn (Michigan), planned the attacks against American and Israeli facilities in the United States and Panama, Ben West examines in the context of preparing the next retaliation for the murder of the former head of intelligence services of «Hezbollah,» Imad Mughni (Murnei), eliminated in Damascus on 12 February 2008.

Hourani, in particular, 2009-2015 collected data on trips of high-ranking Israeli military in the USA and passed them to the management of intelligence services of «Hezbollah». He also organised the procurement in China party disposable packs first aid (for local cooling of tissue), containing ammonium nitrate, which can be used for the manufacture of explosive devices. In 2012, these packages were sent to Cyprus, where they planned the terrorist attack against Israeli tourists. According to the investigation, Hourani transferred to Lebanon and information about government institutions in Manhattan, on security at the international airport JFK, etc. al-Debek, in turn, was collected for Hizbullah information on Israeli and American facilities in Panama.

The author notes that Hourani and al-Debek collected information about the Israelis in five countries, and recalled that Hizbullah had previously carried out attacks against Israelis in States far from the zone of conflict with Israel, nothing to do with him and are not allies of the Jewish state – in particular, in Bulgaria (Burgas, on July 18, 2012) and in Argentina (Buenos Aires, 18 July 1994).

According to experts, the FBI, Hizbullah does not always use the information directly for the implementation of the attack, information was sometimes used for «sending messages» (when the attack is simulated or executed so as not to be victims). In this connection I quote the words of Samir al-Debeka, spoken to them during the interrogation after his arrest, that, unlike IG, «»Hezbollah» does not kill just to kill.»

Another difference between the «Hezbollah» from ISIS, according to Ben West, is that the instructors are Lebanese «Party of God» is well prepared for future organizers and executors of acts of terrorism. At that time, as many performers «actions of revenge» on behalf of the IG took no military and sabotage training. Agents of Hizbullah cannier, smarter and more professional than the «jihadists» of ISIS, writes the author of the publication. Hourani, for example, in Bangkok specifically hired prostitutes to warn him about possible surveillance.

But the main difference in the tactics of the two terrorist organizations, the West calls that «Hezbollah» chooses «hard target» –
diplomatic missions, law enforcement agencies, military installations, and the «Islamic state» seeks simply to kill as many people as possible, choosing such «easy targets» like concert halls, markets, pedestrian zones. For this reason, says the West, Hezbollah is a more serious strategic threat to the West than Islamic state.

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Stratfor analyst: revenge of Hizbullah as a cold dish. Terrorist attack in the United States 16.06.2017

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