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Study: Israeli men live longer due to military service

The life expectancy of Israeli men is higher than in many countries due to military service and resulting physical hardening. Such conclusion contains in the research conducted by «the Taub Center’s».

We are talking about data obtained as a result of processing studies conducted by the world health organization in 2013. According to the international organization, Israel ranked second in the world for life expectancy of men, which accounted for 81 years. Israel is ahead on this indicator such countries as Iceland, Singapore and Switzerland. Only in San Marino men lived longer.

The average life expectancy in the OECD countries 77.7, and in the world of 68.8. In the study, who participated 1720 countries.

The world health organization has developed several criteria that influence life expectancy. In particular, we are talking about the General level of socio-economic development of the country, population density, education.

According to «the Taub Center’s» the life expectancy of Israeli men is markedly different from the readings that meet the criteria of the who. After the researchers were not able to find an explanation for this phenomenon, criteria were added to the factors of geography of residence, military service, and the inclination to religious life. The results showed that military service, as well as life in coastal areas can prolong life.

The study also notes that one of the factors positively influencing health and life expectancy of a person is the compliance with religious commandments. We are not talking about any specific religion, and the observance of a religious way of life.

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Study: Israeli men live longer due to military service 07.12.2016

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