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Subsidies on pita threatens Jordan’s unrest

In Jordan, growing discontent caused by the removal of subsidies on pita – a traditional Arabic flatbread. For the week after the abolition of subsidies, prices have increased by 60% — despite the fact that other types of bakery products.

The increase in prices for the basic product – part of the fiscal policy of the government aimed at reducing public spending. It is expected that this measure will save about $ 70 million.

This will help families whose income is less than $ 1,400 per month, will receive a cash payment designed to amortize the costs. The rest will have to buy pita bread at the new price.

As noted, the Israeli economic newspaper «kalkalist», foreign policy king Abdullah II, decided to establish relations with Iran, has caused discontent in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh is ready to provide financial support to friendly countries, but Jordan is not among them. No special interest to help Abdullah and the US administration – especially after Jordan opposed the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

We will add that in Iran, the growth of prices and subsidies led to economic protests, which soon put forward political slogans. The regime of the ayatollahs managed to repress the opposition, but in Jordan the situation is initially less stable.

Subsidies on pita threatens Jordan’s unrest 04.02.2018

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