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Süddeutsche Zeitung: ISIS forced migrants from Tunisia to commit a terrorist attack in Berlin

The investigation of the terrorist attack at the Christmas market in Berlin is coming to an end. According to the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung and radio stations NDR and WDR, the investigators found that initially, in October 2016, the perpetrators of terrorist acts Anis Amri wanted to go and join the «Islamic state», but then probably one or more members of the IG still forced him to commit a terrorist attack in Germany. The Islamists, according to circles relevant to the investigation, «to recognize the particular potential of Amri and deliberately worked to Tunisian staged the attack here,» the correspondent Georg Mascolo.

In particular, on 10 November last year, Amri received from IG pdf document that «justified Jihad, including against the elderly, women and children.» Immediately before the attack amry was in contact with one of the members of the IG and exchanged with him seven messages. Currently, the state office of public Prosecutor of Germany is against that person investigation on suspicion of complicity in the murder, the article says.

The investigating authorities believe that in this case we are talking about the so-called instructor of the IG, which gives the Islamists recommendations for the execution of terrorist attacks in Western countries, and in some cases even forcing them to do so. The President of the German intelligence Hans-Georg Maassen calls them «the real bounty hunters». According to the Federal office for criminal matters (BKA), in four out of five of last year’s terrorist attacks in Germany attacks these trainers played a crucial role.

The investigation of the terrorist attack, continues the author, was made possible due to the fact that the investigation «was able to recover fragments of e-mails amry». So, on October 5, 2016, he wrote one of the members of the IG: «I want to go to you. What I need to do? I am now in Germany.» After that amry was asked to conduct further correspondence by using the encrypted channel Telegram messenger. Since amry forgot to turn on your mobile phone, the location features, it was found that from November 22, Amri began to visit the Christmas fair in Berlin and have been there before the attack seven times. Also from that day, Amri stopped visiting pornographic websites that practiced previously, and switched exclusively to sites with Islamic contents, the correspondent.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: ISIS forced migrants from Tunisia to commit a terrorist attack in Berlin 01.06.2017

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