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Suicide «Islamic state»: the Russians more than the Palestinians

Located in the Hague the international centre for counter-terrorism published a report on the use of suicide bombers by the terrorist group «Islamic state».

According to the document, devoted to the period from late 2015 to late 2016, as a result of military defeats, the use of suicide bombings in Syria and Iraq has increased sharply. While 74% of suicide bombers are natives of Iraq and Syria, and the rest foreign fighters.

184 exploding terrorist used the fighting name «al-Iraqi», 104 – «al-Shami», which indicates a Syrian origin. Another 196 people were known as «al-Ansari», that is as a local, no indication of citizenship.

Among the representatives of other States, the leaders were citizens of Tajikistan who has committed 27 acts of terrorism. Second place is shared by people from Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Their names occur in the list 17 times.

Behind them in the list of Tunisians (14 people), Russians (13 dead), the Egyptians, who committed 11 terrorist attacks, the Palestinians (nine militants), Iranians, and Chinese (six), Libyans and Jordanians (four of a suicide bomber).

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Suicide «Islamic state»: the Russians more than the Palestinians 14.06.2017

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