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Summer Sharav in Israel: at the end of the week is expected to decline heat

3 July – the hottest day in Israel this year. The temperature in the shade in the afternoon in Jerusalem – 37 degrees Celsius in tel Aviv, 34 in Haifa – 33, in Beersheba – 41, Eilat – 43. Just hotter in the Jordan valley, the Dead sea and on the coast of the sea of Galilee – in these areas the temperature today will reach 44 to 46 degrees in the shade.

On the Mediterranean coast, the air temperature in the shade – 32-34 degrees. But because of the high humidity to 60-70% in the daytime and more than 90% in the evening heat trudnoperevarimoy especially in coastal areas.

«The sun» in almost all areas of the country the day the thermometer will reach 40 degrees Celsius. However, about the temperature record. Forecasters describe this weather as «summer ball», though the East wind from the deserts of Jordan and Saudi Arabia blows only in the Dead sea area and Eilat.

Meteorologists say that this week Monday will be the hottest day. Tuesday-Wednesday it is expected a small decline in the heat, but the temperature will still be above the seasonal average. On Thursday the temperature will drop markedly and will correspond to the seasonal average. Friday-Saturday is expected to be a slight increase in temperature, within the summer norm.

In the morning and the evening due to the high humidity and heat on the Mediterranean coast and in the Northern Negev observed a smoke.

Doctors recommend today to refrain from long walks. On the beaches should avoid a long stay under the sun, you must use protective creams for the skin. This weather is also recommended to drink more water than usual.

In a state of high alert operates the ambulance service «Magen David Adom». July 2, assistance was provided to about 170 people suffering from the heat. Doctors suggest today to take a break in stay «fresh air». This is especially true of older people, children and people with health problems.

Recall that bathing in the Mediterranean sea at the present time hampered due to the high concentration of jellyfish: water, «burning», and contact with jellyfish can cause skin burns.

Amid unusually hot weather increases the risk of forest fires.

Summer Sharav in Israel: at the end of the week is expected to decline heat 03.07.2017

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