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«Super Tuesday» can bring victory to Clinton and Trump

March 1 in the U.S. on the so-called «super Tuesday» — the day when the presidential primaries and «Caucus meetings» involved the largest number of U.S. States. «Super Tuesday» is one of the most important stages of the U.S. presidential election, since on this day the Democrats and Republicans choose simultaneously the largest number of delegates to the party conventions, which will select presidential candidates from each party.

This year in the «super Tuesday» will be attended by 11 States and one territory. Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will participate in primaries and «Caucuses» of both parties. Alaska will hold the Republican «Caucuses», and the territory of American Samoa — democratic «Caucuses».

According to the polls, among Republicans in most States is a leader Donald trump, who on 23 February in Nevada won the internal elections in the Republican party’s third straight win, beating his main rivals by tens of percent.

According to preliminary data, the trump has been in Nevada about 45% of the vote, while Marco Rubio is about 23%, and Ted Cruz is in the region of 22%. Recall that the trump also won the primaries in new Hampshire and in South Carolina, is also pretty much beating their rivals. In this case, the winning trump in the state of South Carolina denies the many presumptions that the most conservative and religious voters who traditionally live in the southern States, should vote for the henchman «of the tea party» Ted Cruz. Note that in the «super Tuesday» this year involved an unprecedented number of southern States (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas and Tennessee). After recent events, experts are assured that Ted Cruz ensured victory even in his native Texas.

As for Marco Rubio, after being out of the presidential race dropped Jeb Bush, Rubio became the main hope of the Republican establishment.

The gap between Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders remains minimal. During the last election in Nevada won by Clinton, but before the «super Tuesday» Democrats will hold another primaries on 27 February in South Carolina, where experts predict a Clinton victory.

Official candidate for the post of head of the White house from the Republicans will be named at the party Congress 18-21 July in Cleveland (Ohio), the candidate of the Democrats on this forum from 25 to 28 July in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).

«Super Tuesday» can bring victory to Clinton and Trump 24.02.2016

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